Excellence in education is the foundation of our children's future.  As you know, Pike Road Schools is fortunate to have capable, loving, and caring teachers. Like most public school teachers, Pike Road Schools' teachers contribute money from their modest salaries to purchase school supplies and items for their students who otherwise could not afford them, such as snacks, field trips admissions, project materials, and numerous other items for the benefit of their student's education. Most of our teachers spend at least $500 of their own money on their classrooms. Many spend more.


Due to this increasing need, we are pleased to introduce the  Adopt-A-Class Program. This will allow you to donate directly to a specific classroom(s), to an entire grade, to a specific program, or to all children who attend Pike Road Schools. Through this campaign, we plan on raising $500 per teacher and we cannot do it without your generosity and support.


For your convenience, you can easily donate online by clicking here. Choose 'Pike Road Junior High School' then select the grade level and teacher you would like to support.


All donors will receive a written letter verifying no goods or services were exchanged for your donation. Because public schools are considered non-profit organizations, this letter can be used on the advice of your tax advisor. We also want to recognize your generosity by providing you with an Adopt-A-Class apple decal for your vehicle. We know that this decal will not only help brand and grow our program but also give you the recognition you deserve. Thank you in advance for supporting our children in this way!


For any questions you have, please contact

Mona Hurston