Dr. Jason Hadden

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Hello Pike Road Community,


On behalf of the administration team and staff, I would like to welcome you to the Pike Road Junior High School website! We are glad that you visited our page and would like to inform you, as a new school, we will constantly monitor and update this web page with information in our ever-changing world. I would like to take a moment and tell you a little about myself, my educational background,  and my goal as the Principal of Pike Road Junior High School.


I am Jason Hadden and I am truly honored to be the first principal for Pike Road Junior High School. I am a native of  Enterprise, Alabama, and married to the former Gail Warren of Enterprise. We have two sons, Justin and Hunter, and two wonderful daughters-in-law, Kathryn Gilley Hadden and Haley Mynatt Hadden. I am a proud 1989 graduate of Enterprise High School and come to Pike Road with multiple post-secondary degrees. I have undergraduate degrees in Poultry Science from Auburn University, Special Education from the University of Georgia, a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Troy University, an Educational Specialist Degree in Elementary and Secondary Educational Leadership, and a Ph.D. in Elementary and Secondary Educational Leadership from Auburn University.


My educational philosophy is grounded in our sincere desire to create a safe culture of intellectual curiosity within the intrepid journey of doing what is best for our learners, lead learners, and our Pike Road Community. With all the experiences that I have journeyed through in education; I have discovered that the best way to create student engagement and genuine ownership of learning is to create a safe learning environment in the context of the physical, social, and emotional learning process for our learners. In order to obtain that environment, our learners have to be comfortable in the valuable learning process of failure as they are in success. If we as lead learners have created the right environment for our learners, failure is embraced as the vehicle that will guide us through the rigor, relevance, and relational dynamics of becoming truly successful in our academic endeavors as we think, innovate, and create.


Our three-year goal for Pike Road Junior High School is to be a school of Blue-Ribbon distinction in the state of Alabama, which is a school that will be recognized by the Alabama Department of Education for achieving superior standards of academic excellence. A Blue-Ribbon School involves the collaboration from our learners, lead learners, the school community, and key stakeholders. This will create a positive culture of being of one mind and one goal in order to carry out our mission and vision of being lifelong learners that think, innovate, and create. I am truly honored to be your principal and look forward to the opportunities for success as we move forward and open our school for the 2021-2022 school year and embrace, “The Pike Road Way!”